Kind Words From Patients!

A. M.

“Dr. Kenzie is a passionate, caring professional who has been instrumental in helping us battle medical issues for our entire family in a holistic approach from childhood bed wetting to complex fertility issues. (I now have another baby after being in premature ovarian failure!) Her knowledge impresses us constantly on how she is so widely trained in a multitude of arenas for diverse ages. I recommend Dr. Kenzie to everyone I meet!!”

M. H. L.

“I am so happy to see Dr Kenzie bursting on the scene in her own clinic. She is a brilliant Chiropractor with amazing training in pediatrics and women's health. My patients tell me over and over again that she takes the time to explain things to them and listens to them and really treats them as a WHOLE person. Dr Kenzie is constantly expanding her knowledge and experience and is up on the latest and greatest studies. She is definitely the only Chiropractor who can put the top of my neck into place and I am truly grateful for her expertise both for myself and the people I refer to her.”

R. T.

“She is knowledgeable, goes above and beyond, and has worked with every member of our family for many years.”

J. S.

“Dr. Kenzie is the Best !! She has helped me with much more than my Back!! So glad to see her open up her own practice!!”

A. H.

“We love Dr. Kenzie!! She has cared for everyone in our home at one time or another. She’s our first choice for help with all kinds of ailments. Dr. Kenzie’s skills in adjustments have helped rotate my baby out of the breech position, stop our four year old’s bed wetting and keep our babies content and sleeping better. She helps us with everything else too: allergies, ear infections, rashes. I’m so excited for this new stage in her career and look forward to our visits in her new location.”

T. W.

“I love seeing Dr. Kenzie! She is caring and thorough, spending time listening to her patients’ concerns and helping treat health concerns. Not only is she a great chiropractor, but she also has a wide depth of knowledge about women’s health, pediatric health, and nutrition! I trust her with a variety of needs!”

A. H. B.

We have never received better, more thorough care then from Dr. Kenzie. She is a detective that will leave no stone unturned until she finds the root cause and gets you on the road to better health. Trusted Doctor to all members of our family for 5 years.”